About Us

We Create Magic!


At OMDC, we deliver purposeful, culturally fluent brand solutions for communicating your message and vision to customers in any type of environment. We are a boutique firm that creates visual tools that shape and deeply reflect your voice, and create meaningful experiences that enhance your brand purpose, mission and value to customers world-wide. 

Our creative, consulting and strategic work allows businesses, brands, organizations...and people, to connect with customers and communities in extraordinary ways. 

From neighborhood shops to major multinational retail brand locations, corporate & educational facilities, B2B, B2C, OEM & manufacturing verticals, technology, to architecture, OMDC is a full service collaborative partner who shares your journey for success regardless of communication approach & media.

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While we redesign our new website, please contact Clayton Marsh [Owner / Principal] of OMDC to set up an onsite or remote presentation...we'd love to show you what we do!