About Me & OMDC


Clayton Marsh I Owner / Principal

25 years designing visual communication solutions for brands and businesses across the world.

As OMDC Principal, I bring over 25 years of experience in partnering with companies throughout the US and internationally. I’m sharply focused on meeting customers’ needs, solving problems that are strategic, visual, and actionable - though multi-communication media solutions.

OMDC designs visual programs that help clients communicate in retail, environments, architecture, corporate, business, manufacturing, product and organizational vertical markets. Our work spans a wide variety of development that includes comprehensive brand & identity creation, messaging / content development and strategic placement, all the way to designing multi-use communication tools used to open doors for businesses to grow and thrive. 


How we work & partnerships:

We work in direct collaboration with each customer from start to finish. So you get our undivided attention, without ego, because we believe in being your partner to help you grow your business and build awareness for your brand, products and services or highlight graphic solutions throughout environments, exhibits or events. 

We are structurally designed to add layers to our team, through expert vendors that help us produce graphic and dimensional tools (whether in small to large format print, to using the latest 3D technology for prototyping, object creation and carpentry). And, with today’s fast paced need to communicate in a one-to-one manner - we offer digital marketing services and analytic reporting, design development, strategy and program marketing for clientele across the US and internationally. 


During my career, I have worked within and outside as an advisor for the corporate, B2B, B2C, OEM & retail marketplace as a brand strategist, messaging specialist & executive level marketing & creative director, executive visual designer. Real world experience, working with companies in virtually every marketplace.

Further alignment, I also work with M&A & equity firms to enhance buy/sell environments for clients as partnership opportunities arise. In a consultative process, I visualize integrated, insight-oriented solutions, which enable their clients set a foundation for marketing that lifts their brand and builds awareness for acquisition opportunities. 

I have spoken nationally at industry marketing conferences about today’s design and digital environment at SGIA, SGP, Global Shop, and am a co-author of “A Way to Grow” a comprehensive book on Digital Marketing best practices and strategies, published in 2013.